Huawei Mate 7s configuration

Huawei’s latest flagship obviously will be released on September 2, will Mate series, from the official poster, it seems, will definitely bring a S name, concrete is 7S, Mate or Mate S till released the same day.

With conference approaching, more and more news about this kind of mobile phone are surfaced, after the machine has appeared in the ministry, configuration details are also exposed, now a Ann rabbit rabbit run score according to suspected revealed the machine configuration of the again, the machine run into 46776, the overall performance is not outstanding.

It seems from the figure, Mate 7S will carry kirin 935 processor, 5.7 inches 1080p screen, built-in 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, the camera is 20 million pixels +800 ten thousand combinations, running Android 5.0 system.

The most let a person look forward to that it claims the new flagship will support Force Touch, at present the technology only reflected in the apple device, but in addition to the apples also no vendor can product a historic step, if it is true, this would mean that Huawei has been walking in the forefront of this technology, stay tuned.

Samsung Note 5 will be released to eight months in advance

According to U.S. media reports, sources said that Samsung electronics will be a recent tradition, will be released in the fall of the year the date of the large size smartphone several weeks earlier in mid-august, avoid with apple launched the iPhone 6s in September compete head-on.

Galaxy Note 5 of the conference will be held in the United States, and not all previous dynasties Note before series model choice of IFA venue, Berlin, Germany. But the concrete is a city in the United States which is unclear.

Report also pointed out that Samsung and is developing an oversized Galaxy S6 Edge, and will appear between the Galaxy Note 5. And before the Wall Street journal said that the phone will be released in August, but from now, the so-called Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 is likely to be at the same time.

Polaroid Cube + miniature cameras equipped with WiFi

Polaroid is very popular in the past year, they introduced the Cube of miniature cameras with small volume, but it can be taken full hd video. Basic on Cube is only a lens and a power switch.

It is a 35 mm length of the cube, not used to display is filming a scene screen, can adjust the Settings. If you are very interested in this kind of camera, next to the listed Cube + equipped with WiFi, is more attractive?

The size of the Cube + like Cube, but wi-fi allows you to it and iOS or android device connected directly to and through the phone, the tablet to control the Cube + or as a viewfinder. Cube + app allows you to transfer photos and video, so you can edit and share them on your phone.

Cube + other parameters are not too big change, it’s filming pixels from 6 million to 8 million, this means that it can get higher quality images and video. Of course take into account the previous Cube small volume and price of $99, 6 million pixels is perfectly acceptable.

Polaroid Cube + will be available in August, bright pink and fluorescent green red blue and black can choose, is expected to be sold for $150 m. The price of the UK and Australia has not yet been released. At the same time the original Cube also added two kinds of color optional, they will also be on the market in August, for $100.

Samsung Galaxy J5 spy exposure parameters

Samsung is currently a new machine was SamMobile exposure, spy and all parameters were moved out, this model is Samsung’s mid-range Samsung Galaxy J5.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Live ImageSamsung Galaxy J5 Live Image

The foreign media from SamMobile bring real machine spy photos, the Samsung Galaxy J5 uses Samsung’s low-end models in the usual rounded body design, this new machine with a full plastic shell, followed by housing with removable design, the battery can be replaced, as the SIM card and microSD card slots are then placed in the interior of the machine.

Samsung Galaxy J5 will be equipped with 5-inch 720p screen; equipped with 13 million pixels +500 common megapixel dual camera combination. Use Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor, clocked at 1.2GHz; 1.5GB of memory on + 8GB storage combination; and before GFXBench information from the exposure point of view, GALAXY J5 preloaded with Android 5.0.2 operating system, taking into account its distance Listed perhaps for some time, so the machine is expected to directly pick up the latest Android 5.1 operating system available.

Samsung GALAXY J5 also has a 8.5mm slim, weight was 149 grams. Unfortunately, the current machine’s release time and the price is not yet known, but are exposed to such a point, and I believe will not let you wait too long.

Google officially announced its support USB Type-C

In 2015 Google I / O conference, Google announced support for USB Type-C standard, which is the experience of the future of Android phones will have a direct impact.

For the upcoming Android system will introduce a new USB Type-C interface, meaning users do not have to make the distinction between the front and back before cable and connect the smart phone and tablet, and while the new USB Type-C port only 2-4 times enables charging time, but also greatly improve the data transfer rate, as the latest standard USB port, the charge can be connected not only to different devices.

google io 2015-19

After using the new USB Type-C standard port most obvious change is charging and data transfer speed increase, the Android M system you can use your phone to other devices for charging. The new equipment will include a new USB Type-C port, but for existing equipment USB standard is backwards compatible, if you need to, you can add additional adapters allow USB Type-C port and all existing equipment work.

Then apply a wide range of quietly waiting for it …

Apple Watch first update

Apple Watch has published nearly a month ago, since today Apple Watch from the market ushered in the first update, the size of 51.6MB, users can download the update by Apple Watch application on the iPhone.

It is reported that, after this upgrade version of the system will rise to 1.0.1, the main contents of bug fixes and performance improvements. Apple says the upgrade to Siri, accessibility and third-party applications have been improved. Taking into account the support of third-party applications for Apple Watch is not high, and finally the importance of this part of the self-evident. At the same time, Apple also further optimized Apple Watch health and fitness features. After the upgrade, the device detects the user standing activity and calorie consumption calculated manner have been improved, and the results should be more accurate.

Want to get this upgrade, you need to open the iPhone Apple Watch application, and then click the general > software upgrade. Before the upgrade, Apple Watch needs to connect the charger, and locates near the iPhone.

HTC One M9ew by the Ministry of Industry Certification

Although the HTC One M9 / E9 series has full debut, but HTC did not stop the pace of introduction of new aircraft. Recently, a plastic back of HTC phones certified by the Ministry of Industry, for the names and pictures on view, this phone is M9 + the cut version.

The phone, called One M9ew of its body seems a plastic material, is also equipped with 5.2 inches 2K resolution IPS display, powered CPU 2.2GHz of the (probably still MediaTek), with 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM storage combination , but the distribution of the change by a dual-lens camera for the 20 million pixel single-lens design and configuration of the color temperature of the flash, as compared to 4 million pixels front camera UltraPixel camera.

HTC One M9ew there is a major feature is the support for mobile / Unicom 4G network and dual card dual standby function, and the bottom of the touch screen also joined the Home key entity should also provide a fingerprint recognition.

Therefore, the combination of the body material and lens specifications change, as well as dual card dual standby feature was added, making the machine as a whole should be seen as a low-cost version of the dual-card HTC M9 +.

iPhone can share state information to other iPhone

United States Patent and Trademark Office recently released a new Apple technology patents is eligible, whose name is “based on the mobile phone user the possibility to check the status of the call solution” can be simply interpreted as afraid busy.

New Patent describes an iPhone will run their own state information is sent to the central server, and then forwarded to another one of the new iPhone technology, the second iPhone can always receive the information first iPhone.

iPhone’s status is updated in real time, including whether the conversation among which mode you are using (ringtones, vibrations or that flight mode), the specific geographic location of equipment, nearby cellular signal strength, current battery status, etc. and so on. Apple’s Find My Friends application similar setting iPhone users can share to decide how much information to share to others.

That is, once you decide to share information that others can basically find you the first time, but it will not be the case of the emergence of the call busy.

Apple started off the shelf all similar products Apple Watch

Apple Watch will be officially on sale on April 10, but Apple also has a new action: being ring products from the shelves of independent retail channels Nike FuelBand and Jawbone Up and other sports hand. As of Wednesday, Apple’s online store and Apple retail entity has a variety of shelf motion tracking device, only with Apple Watch has no competition between other commodities.

US technology blog AppleInsider confirmed, Nike and Jawbone products have shelf from the Apple online store, and no longer through more than US Apple retail stores. Sources said that all sports bracelet tracking device class are no longer sold, but most similar devices in the sale is the folder button in Jawbone Up Move, because this product does not compete directly with Apple Watch, so Apple is likely to continue sales of the product.

Apple Watch will open April 10 booking and will be shipped on April 24.

The right way to convert MOV to DVD

Have many MOV videos or movies on your Mac and wish to burn MOV films to DVD on Mac (Mountain Lion, Lion included) to release space for more important files? Or you wish to convert MOV to DVD for handy playback these videos on any kind of DVD player in your car? To me, I perform the MOV to DVD thing on Mac, because I want to keep these precious videos better. When I suddenly deleted many useful files on my Mac and never gotten some of them back.

To burn videos to DVD, a great application is indeed required. Though sometimes you may just drag videos to the DVD and it could burn files to DVD automatically, there are still several MOV files protected with codecs that DVD can’t recognize. So as to backup your MOV files quickly and conveniently, you require the professional yet easy-to-use DVD Creator for Mac. Here are the steps for how to run the software.

Download DVD maker software Download DVD maker software

Step 1: Load MOV videos to the DVD burner

Immediately after downloading, install and run DVD Creator. You can press “Import” or simply drag files to the left pane to add MOV videos to DVD converter. All of the imported video files are listed on the left. You can click up arrow or down arrow to set up the video sequence.


Step 2: Select a DVD menu and modify it as you prefer

Double click to use a DVD menu. Click on “Menu Template” to customize the frames and buttons. You can even add text, background music and background image to the menu.

Step 3: Begin to convert MOV videos to DVD

Preview the video before burning it to DVD. Once you think just about all is OK, you could insert the DVD disc to your own computer’s hard drive and click on the “Burn” button to burn MOV files to DVD disc. You can also save the files as ISO or DVD folder for burning later.


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